Confessions of a Pen-for-Hire

It’s always best to start with introductions, though, admittedly, if you’re here, you probably already have some idea of who I am. Still, lets pretend you don’t, if only because otherwise this will seem unduly awkward and forced. So, introductions, below the cut. 

My name is Josh Reynolds (or some variation thereof, such as ‘Joshua M. Reynolds’, ‘Joshua Reynolds’ or ‘J. M. Reynolds’–I have many names, for I am Legion) and I am a professional freelance writer. This roughly translates to ‘literary mercenary’, ‘pen-for-hire’, or (and this is my favorite) ‘hack’. The latter is a common pejorative term for writers who craft material, be it fiction or otherwise, to order with a short deadline.

Which, of course, describes my career to-date to the proverbial ‘t’. I have written, and still write, tie-in fiction, book/film/music reviews, travel brochures, sales pamphlets, SEO articles, and all sorts of genre fiction–everything from pulp to punk, from magical realism to military science-fiction.

And I even sold some of it. For money. To real people. Which is, all joking aside, a fine, fine feeling which I seek to have as often as humanly possible.

This site is the latest in a long line of blogs or online journals or whatever you prefer to call this sort of thing that I have set up. My cast-off social platforms litter the internet like the dried out husks of insects on a windowsill; most are full of word counts and rambling entries on whatever happened to catch my eye the day I decided to post an entry. This is because I am a boring workaholic.

Seriously, I do love me some sweet, sweet workahol.

I love to write, is what I’m saying. And I love to talk about writing, just not in the interesting ‘Chuck Wendig’ sort of way, unfortunately.  So don’t expect many ‘How To’ posts here or discussions about the latest hot button genre topic du jour, because really, who wants to hear my opinion on aggressive critics, the gender politics of trans-human science-fiction or cultural appropriation?

Other than you, obviously.

Seeing as you’re here and all.

You’re still here, right?

Anyway, here’s the obligatory ‘About Me’ page. And, more importantly, here’s an up-to-date list of what it is I done wrote. More pages may or may not be added at a later date,depending on how stream-lined I want to keep this space.

So, to sum up…Josh Reynolds. Professional freelance writer. Much stuff published. Please buy some of it. I will occasionally talk about stuff you may find interesting here. Also? Rambling entries and word counts.

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