GAMES DAY 2012 ANTHOLOGY Cover Sneak Peek

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll have a story in this year’s exclusive Games Day Black Library anthology,  which will be available for the first time at Games Day Australia (Sept. 9), and then at Games Day UK (Sept. 23). Cover after the cut. 


Don't it look snazzy?

My story, “Master of Mourkain” focuses on the battle for control of the ancient and corrupt mountain kingdom of Strigos between the necromancer-king Kadon and the vampire Ushoran, last seen being set on fire and left for dead in Mike Lee’s Nagash Immortal. 

It also happens to be a prequel to my forthcoming Time of Legends novel, Neferata: Blood of Nagash which will, coincidentally, be available at Games Day UK, a whole four months before it’s due to hit stores.

And, just as a reminder, I’ll be attending Games Day UK this year, so you get a short story, a book, AND the author who wrote ’em all at one event. How’s that for service?

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