‘I Can Never Be Tied to Raw, New Things…’

Hell, if that doesn’t make a guy feel old, I don’t know what does. I know it’s not closed for good (what McDonald’s ever is?) but I used to eat there pretty regularly when I was still in South Carolina, and working at a certain 24-Hour pharmacy on Garners Ferry out of college. The McNuggets tasted like cardboard, but damn if I didn’t inhale them on my 9:00pm lunch-breaks, along with a miserly tumblerful of barbecue sauce, the surprisingly good French Fries, and a cup of  watered-down Coca-Cola.

I loved that McDonald’s. It had the worst stop-light in front of it–four-way with eight intersecting lanes, making it a Chinese puzzle of an intersection. If I got to that intersection, I was two minutes from work, or five minutes from my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) house. I was ten–fifteen minutes from USC campus. I was one minute from a fairly decent Chinese take-out, and pizza place and a K-Mart full of meth-heads and coupon-champions and a Christmas tree lot that sold trees year round.

Every day a few more familiar landmarks change or go under. Every day a few more reliable touchstones of my past are reduced or renovated or restructured. Is this what Lovecraft was talking about?

Those were some terrible McNuggets though. Just awful.