These Things I Listen To

I’m one of those rare writers who works best in a noisy environment. Silence, for me, is more distracting than the whine of a power drill. I need noise, background or otherwise. Thus, when I’m working, I often have a film or a television program playing, or, more often, I listen to music, podcasts and internet-accessible radio shows. 

Among my favourites are:

HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast–there are over a hundred episodes in the archives which are free to enjoy, and hosts Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey have started on the stories of Robert Chambers (The King in Yellow) in the new subscriber-only show.

The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast–they’re only eleven episodes in, but like the HPLLP above, the episodes are free to listen to and the hosts are funny and informative.

A Podcast to the Curious–a bit farther along than TDS, APC is dedicated to the ghost stories of MR James and the show notes include a lot of useful links.

Wait, What?–the podcast associated with The Savage Critics site. It’s just two knowledgeable, opinionated guys discussing comics. Strangely soothing to listen to.

War Rocket Ajax–another comics and pop culture podcast, destructive in its awesomeness. Lots of great interviews and humour.

Comic Books are Burning in Hell–yet another comics podcast, but one with a nastier, more satirical edge to it, which, when you’re in the mood, is a wonderful thing indeed.

Better in the Dark–two guys from Brooklyn, talking about movies. Nothing wrong with that.

Pulped!: The New Pulp Podcast–another literary podcast dedicated to New Pulp writers, artists and creators of all stripes. Lots of good interviews and discussions.

The Overlords–the podcast of the Overlords war-games club. Lots of W4oK/WHF/Black Library discussion. Amiable chatter makes the paragraphs flow easier.

BBC Radio 4 Extra–God help me, what would I do without BBC Radio? Mysteries, sitcoms, readings, panel-games…lot of good stuff.

Funk & Soul Show–seriously, what would I do without the BBC? A show devoted to the best kind of music to write to, in my opinion.

I haven’t even touched on my musical preferences, beyond the last entry there. I listen to a lot of music, y’all. Like, a lot. All kinds. Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock, Folk…a lot. And there are more podcasts I enjoy as well. Chained to a computer for eight-to-ten hours a day, one finds a lot of fun stuff to keep one’s attentions from wandering.

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