Milton Davis, editor of the forthcoming Steamfunk! anthology, has announced the TOC, which includes my story, “The Lion Hunters”. My story, being an alternate history, is full of mechanical lions, ghosts, and both sorcerous and regular old mercenaries and, for those interested, is set in the same world as “The Strange Affair of the Artisan’s Heart” and “The Moorish Sign” though it doesn’t feature the characters from either. Full TOC below the cut. 

Ronald T. Jones: “Benjamin’s Freedom Magic”

Malon Edwards: “Mud Holes and Mississippi Mules”

Hannibal Tabu: “The Sharp Knife of a Short Life”

P. Djeli Clark: “Men in Black”

Geoffrey Thorne: “The Tunnel at the End of Light”

Ray Dean: “A Will of Steel”

Kochava Greene: “The Refuge”

Carole McDonnell: “Oh, Western Wind”

Rebeccan McFarland Kyle: “Once a Spider”

Josh Reynolds: “The Lion Hunters”

Melvin Carter: “Tough Night in Tommyville”

Valjeanne Jeffers: “The Switch”

Balogun Ojetade: “Rite of Passage: Blood and Iron”

Milton Davis: “The Delivery”

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