The Echo Chamber

An interesting post over at SF Signal today concerning promotion, both self and otherwise, courtesy of Lavie Tidhar.

He’s right, of course. About self-promotion, social capital, the whole ball of wax. Self-promotion is one of those evil necessities of the hustle…chances are, there’s no one else talking about you, so you better do it yourself. Messages in electric bottles, you know?  Yelling into the echo chamber. Sometimes, rarely, folks hear what you’re saying, other times, most times, it gets subsumed in the cacophony.  But you keep yelling, because you got to hustle them books, move them copies. You learn to talk about yourself, to turn every conversation into an advertisement, every meeting into a networking opportunity.

But there’s more than one way to yell into the echo chamber. 

Back on my old blog I started up a series of micro-interviews at the beginning of the year. Six general questions, the same for every interviewee. I offered up the questions to a few mailing lists, etc. for writers and artists and such that I belonged to and I got about twenty-odd responses before the great site switch-over. You can read them HERE if you’re interested.

I said that to say this.

If you are a writer, artist, musician or some combination thereof, and you’d like to write a guest-post, contact me via the comments section of this post or by one of the usual social media avenues. In the same vein, if you’d like to write a guest-post in order to promote your Kickstarter or Indiegogo project, your independent comic or your traditionally or self-published novel, contact me.

All I ask in return for posting your guest-post is that you spread the signal for the next person to take advantage of the above offer. That you RT, re-post, or share the interview/posts that follow and precede yours. Spread the word. Add your voice to theirs in the echo chamber.

One becomes two. Two becomes four. Four, eight.

See what I’m getting at?

The Echo Chamber is open for business. Who’s first?

Update 31/12/2012: I’ve added a new category–‘Echo Chamber’. Click on it to see all of the guest-posts thus far.