The Grand Hustle: Aftermath

So. That was a thing. 

All things considered, my first ‘official’ Games Day UK went smoothly. I consumed an ill-advised amount of coffee and plastered on my ‘friendly southern gentleman’ face, which, funnily enough, seems to disconcert people more than my ‘vicious backwoods redneck’ face.

No copies of  Neferata in sight at the BL sales stand, but plenty of copies of the Games Day 2012 Anthology were available, sold and signed. Also, I signed quite a few copies of Forge World’s new Horus Heresy book, the new retro-cool issue of White Dwarf and, in one case, an Ultramarines Rhino.

I got to chat with plenty of fine folks, both fans and professionals. Among the latter, I made the acquaintance of Jim Swallow, Dan Abnett, Nicola Vincent-Abnett, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Graham McNeill, Gav Thorpe, Darius Hinks and Andy Smillie among others.  Oh, and briefly–Jonathan Green.

Behold the power of name-dropping.

And no Sarah Cawkwell with her inappropriate comedy entendres  to distract me from my authorial duties this time. So yes, everything went smoothly.

As with last year, what I was most impressed by was the sheer exuberance of the attendees. A determined effort was made to have fun, and, by my limited understanding of the term, it seems to have been successful. The NEC Arena echoed with the sounds of merriment and battle, which makes for quite a cacophony. My ears are still ringing.

In closing, Games Day UK 2012 = successful. Also, if you missed out on the Games Day 2012 Anthology, you can get your own copy from the BL site.

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