There’s a nice story-by-story review of The Beast Within 2: Predator and Prey over at Michele Lee’s blog. My story, “The Strange Affair of the Viennese Mathematician” has some kind words said about it. 

“The Strange Tale of the Viennese Mathematician” by Joshua Reynolds from Beast Within 2. A WW-ish steampunk tale with exiled royalty-turned-spies, Dracul raiders and zeppelin bombers its vivid & a little dizzying. It’s very exciting, but a little too intense for a short story, rather like if one took the 2nd half of Inglorious Basterds and cut in the vampire bits of From Dusk til Dawn at the theater scene. With werewolves. Regardless it’s an awful lot of fun.

‘An awful lot of fun’ is perhaps the best thing anyone has ever said about a story of mine.

If you’re interested, The Beast Within 2: Predator and Prey, edited by Jennifer Brozek, and containing stories by–well—me, among others, is available via Amazon.