Counting Down from Nineteen…Eighteen…Seventeen…

I’ve mentioned the BLACK LIBRARY WEEKENDER before, but since there are (as of today) only about fifty tickets left, I thought I might do so again, if only briefly. 

As events go, this is going to be a fairly big one, at least from my (admittedly limited) perspective. I mean, two days? That’s a long time. That’s forty-eight hours during which I have to restrain my mighty lizard-brain from engaging in atavistic hunting rituals in the hotel lobby or at the breakfast buffet.  That’s not as easy as my cherubic demeanour would lead you to believe, folks.

I’m going to be ever-so slightly stressed out, is what I’m saying. Still, all in all, I think I’m looking forward to it. Games Day was relatively painless, and while the Weekender is a different sort of beast entirely, I think it’ll be a joy and a delight.

Or not. But hey, I’ve got a story in one of the extra-special, event-only chapbooks, so that’s good, right?


Anyway, more as we get closer to the day.