Obligatory Final Black Library Weekender 2012 Post

So, if you’re one of the lucky, lucky few heading to Nottingham this weekend for the Black Library Weekender, and you’re wondering what to do and where to go to receive the benefits of my inhuman and shadowy wisdom, read on… 

My schedule (and a handy map) for Saturday and Sunday is as follows. If you see me outside of it, feel free to say hello. I’m fairly approachable, or so I’ve been told:


11:45-12:45  My one and only signing, in the VICTORY ROOM. I’ve been told that copies of both Neferata: Blood of Nagash AND Gotrek & Felix: Road of Skulls will be on sale over the weekend. Too, I’ve got a story in one of the Weekender chapbooks. Just saying.

16:15-17:15  TIME OF LEGENDS Panel, in the HARDY ROOM. Ask me whatever, but be aware that I’m quite happy to shovel copious amounts of bovine excrement for my own amusement, should those questions prove (a) boring or (b) nonsensical.


12: 30-13:30  NEW AUTHORS Panel, in the HARDY ROOM. Given that this one is competing with a pretty top-heavy signing AND the preview seminar, I expect it to be fairly sparsely attended, so I’ll be napping.