The Monday After The Sunday Of The Event That Started On Saturday

Or, ‘What Happened at the Black Library Weekender’…


Simply put, things. Various and sundry occurrences of dubious nature and high entertainment. I did not do any of these things, because I had a raging migraine that made every light in the ceiling a serrated dagger aimed at my cerebral cortex, but I watched them, and enjoyed them vicariously.

It was fun. I got to see many people, I got to speak to many folks who seemed intent on flinging handfuls of lucre at me, when they weren’t getting me to sign things–books, mostly; only Dan and Aaron get to sign people’s bits–or take pictures with them. I apologize for those, by the way, as I’m pretty sure I look like an albino orangutan with mange in each of them. I am physiologically incapable of taking a good photo. Which, as acting Prime Minister of Billdonia, is unfortunate.

On that latter note, let me say, for the record, there are prettier and more interesting people to get your photo with, BL fans. Not that I don’t appreciate it, but really…did you see Jon Sullivan? Have you ever looked–I mean really looked–into Dan Abnett’s eyes? They’re like magical whirlpools…


Regardless, it was fun. And I can say that I was there, eating dinner, when the idea for what is surely to be the greatest epic in the history of fantasy fiction was conceived:

A particular highlight for me was a joint-proposal put forward alongside the esteemed Bill King during the Pitch Factor event. To say that we were disappointed that the judges weren’t keen on ‘Karaz’ would be an understatement. Even with the musical conclusion. For those who would like to know more about a twenty-volume saga written by two Giants in the Field of Dwarfs concerning the machinations of Jorri, the most black-hearted dwarf who ever lived, and his noble and handsome brother Borri, as they wrangle over possession of the Ewingsson family brewery and their trademark brew ‘Black Gold’ following the mysterious disappearance of their father, Ewing Ewingsson, who may have been walled up in his own tomb by the dastardly Jorri, the most black-hearted dwarf who ever lived, and in turns features goblins, skaven, voluptuous priestesses of Valaya, skullduggery from many cousins and the Ewingsson family rune axe, involving Beards, Betrayal and Beer, then please feel free to drop one of us a line. All offers considered.

It was a sad day for the world when that was turned down. A sad, terrible day.

But all in all, it was fun. If you were there, I hope you had fun too. I also hope you bought copies of Neferata and Road of Skulls. 

Many, many copies.

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  1. Actually, if you disguised it a bit better you might be able to pull off a dwarf saga loosely based around Dallas. No one would be the wiser…

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