Strange Guns of the Nightmare Men

Over at, I’ve been pleased to present the first two of what I hope will be an ongoing series of guest-posts relating to occult detectives

Last week saw Joel Jenkins talk about his gunslinging monster-killer character, Lone Crow. And this week, Bob Freeman delved into the strange origins of his creation, Dr. Landon Connors. But there’s more to come. Over the course of the next few weeks, I hope to present guest-posts by Chuck Miller and Jim Beard, among others.

And if you’re a writer (or artist) who’s a fan of the occult detective sub-genre, and who happens to have a character or occult detective-related project you’d like to introduce to the literally dozens of people who visit on a daily basis, please feel free to inquire as to the schedule in one of the various and sundry ways available (i.e. through the comments here, or on Facebook or via my e-mail, should you be lucky enough to possess it).

Oh, and be sure to come back HERE tomorrow, because there’ll be a guest-post from Greg Mitchell on the intersectionality of Christianity and Horror Fiction, in regards to his forthcoming book, Dark Hour