Two New Reviews

Is there any better way to start the week than with good reviews for your latest novel and short story, respectively? I think not. First up, Abhinav Jain said some nice things about my 1K word contribution to Black Library’s 2012 Advent Calendar“The Riddle of Scorpions”, over at his review-blog, ANGELS OF RETRIBUTION

The twist at the end is definitely the highpoint of the story. As I’ve said before, where these Advent flash shorts are concerned, it’s not easy to tell a 1,000-word (-ish) story that has a clear beginning, middle and end, but Josh Reynolds handles that perfectly here. The ending underscores Konniger’s lesson to Vido, and the story itself offers an almost charming perspective on the daily life of Konniger.

And, adding to the general feeling of well-being, Neferata: Blood of Nagash has gotten its second (here’s the first) pre-release review, courtesy of the review site, FALCATA TIMES:

The Queen of the Vampires comes into her own in this, her part of the Time of Legends Series that is not only wonderfully written but also delightfully complex as she plays a game of cat and mouse with the infamous Nagash. It’s full of horror, bloody combat and of course a whole section on her discoveries during the years when the Great Sorcerer slumbered.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Neferata yet, it’s currently available on Amazon UK and from Black Library in electronic format. It’ll be available from to US Amazon customers from the 18th of December, but, you can pre-order it, if you like.

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