The Psychopomp Christmas Special, last mentioned HERE, is now available in handy-dandy electronic format from Psychopomp Media. It includes my story, “Merry John Mock”, which sees St. Cyprian and Gallowglass dealing with ghostly swine and malevolent mummers during a Winter Solstice in the Channel Islands in 1919 and is a bit of Lovecraft by way of Hodgson for this holiday season. 

From the blurb:

Compiled with all things festive and furtive in mind, the Psychopomp Christmas Special is a collection of seven brief tales full of things that go bump in the night!

A work meeting delayed by a sinister snow storm, an isolated island haunted by an elder deity and the fragile balance between autumn and winter, life and rebirth are but some of the themes available in this special celebratory issue.

Featuring work by stalwart Psychopomp contributors, Samuel James White, Simon O’Brien, Martin David Edwards and Kevin T. Heim, this volume also includes a tale of the Royal Occultist, Charles St. Cyprian by Josh Reynolds (author of The Black Library’s Neferata and Knight of the Blazing Sun), a new and sinister cover by Alice Old and a tale from Psycopomp podcast presenter, Howard Billington. This special draws on themes of tragedy and misconception to fashion an anthology unique in its approach to genre fiction.

Originating within the leafy calm of Hampstead and established to give voice to local authors and like-minded friends and colleagues the world over, Psychopomp intends to address and explore themes of loss and departure within the context of modern pop culture and shifting genres. The work is structured in such a way that each author approaches their conflict on a personal level, coaxing and inviting the reader into communion with the heart of their themes.

Each collection of Psychopomp is intended as a series of tales from worlds we have only previously heard of by hearsay, worlds where we hope never to find ourselves; worlds that may await all of us during darker

Psychopomp intends to walk, to sprint, to sail and fly across the geography of shadows, of which we live in blissful ignorance.

Imagine Shelly in the company of Ozymandias; imagine Ded Moroz joined side by side with Yamal Iri, Tonton Macoute a foe of the valiant Sol Invictus, Amaterasu greeted from her cave by treacherous Chernobog.

Imagine that this is a guide book and that your instructor now awaits you at the stern of a boat composed of rotting wood.

Step inside and leave the shore on tides of silence.

If you’d like to learn more about the world of the Royal Occultist and the adventures of St. Cyprian and Gallowglass, be sure to take a look at and the Royal Occultist Facebook page! And be sure to check out the Psychopomp Media Podcast, as well!