The WIP at World’s End…

…well, year’s end, really. In a few short days 2012 will give way to 2013 and where will I be? Well, I’ll be working on a number of things. If knowing what those are is the sort of thing you’re interested in–and why wouldn’t you be? You’re here after all–well, read on, by all means. 

First on the docket to be completed is the tentatively-titled sequel to NeferataMaster of Death. For those keeping track, this book will be about a certain Max Shreck looking fellow with a penchant for necromancy and treachery. I’m about a quarter of the way through the first draft, and I’m enjoying it immensely. The tone is a bit different–still dark, but slightly more absurd. W’soran is no less dangerous than Neferata, but in an altogether different sort of way.

After that’s done, I’ll be starting on a follow-up to my outing in the long running ‘Executioner’ series, Executioner: Border Offensive, tentatively titled Arctic Kill. All I’m saying about it at the moment is that it’ll involve a certain infamous German occult society, an arctic research base and a car chase on the Las Vegas Strip. You know…fun stuff.

Somewhere in between those two projects I need to finish my current short story-in-progress, “The Skein of Stars”, which features St. Cyprian and Gallowglass facing off with a band of robed gentlemen known as the Order of the Cosmic Ram. I also need to edit a new John Bass story, “Seven Heart Beats”, which has the old ghost-breaker matching wills with a deadly Cherokee devil-spirit in the Appalachians.

And that’s what I’ll be working on come the New Year. What about you?


  1. Working on some Barclay Salvage space opera for Pro Se, then some classic style pulp for Airship 27s Mystery Men. After that I’ll finish up a couple of Lone Crow stories to round out a collection for 2014.

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