Mastering Mourkain

The first of Black Library’s anticipated ‘Digital Monday’ stories has been released, and one of them is mine. Specifically, “The Master of Mourkain”, originally written for the 2012 Games Day chapbook

“Master of Mourkain” focuses on the battle for control of the ancient and corrupt mountain kingdom of Strigos between the necromancer-king Kadon and the vampire Ushoran, last seen (chronologically, at least) being set on fire and left for dead in Mike Lee’s Nagash Immortal.  It also happens to be a prequel to Neferata: Blood of Nagash

It’s a short one, as stories go, clocking in at only 5000 words or so, but I like to think it’s punching above its weight class. It’s got a pretty nifty vampire/necromancer throw-down, and if you ever wanted to see Ushoran just straight up tap-dance all over some poor evil so-and-so’s face, well, this one’s for you.

Of course, it’s not the last time you’ll see either Ushoran OR Kadon…but more on that later.

“Master of Mourkain” is available via the Black Library site. And for another Neferata-related tie-in, why not check out “Fangs of the Asp”, in issue 26 of Hammer & Bolter?

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