Gotrek & Felix: Road of Skulls, the thirteenth book in the long-running WHF series, and my first full-length novel featuring the characters, is now available to purchase in print or e-book format from Black LibraryFrom the blurb:

Gotrek and Felix: unsung heroes of the Empire, or nothing more than common thieves and murderers? The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between, and depends entirely upon whom you ask… Gotrek and Felix race to the dwarf hold at Karak Kadrin, finding it besieged by one of the grand armies of Chaos under the command of Warlord Garmr. When King Ungrim Ironfist speaks of the legendary ‘Road of Skulls’ and of the hated foe’s attempts to open a portal into the Realm of Chaos, Gotrek senses that a great doom awaits him – though it may not be the one he would choose for himself. As the king’s own son leads his army of Slayers to fulfil an ancient prophecy, it seems that Garmr’s hour of victory may be at hand…

Black Library have also released two brief excerpts from the book.

Here’s the first:

‘Where are we going?’ Felix said. He kept his voice pitched low. Sound carried surprisingly far in the mountains, as he’d learned to his cost more than once. And with a Chaos force in the immediate area, the slightest shout could draw the veritable wrath of the Dark Gods down on their heads. ‘I trust you have a plan of some sort.’
‘We’re going where we’ve always been going, manling. Karak Kadrin,’ Gotrek said.
‘Gotrek, it’s back that way,’ Felix said, ‘And under siege.’
‘So?’ Gotrek said.

And here’s the second:

Gotrek stamped forwards, never wavering or retreating. Felix thought that he might actually be incapable of even thinking of doing either. One of the Chaos marauders lunged desperately, but Gotrek simply shrugged out of the way, letting the edge of the blade graze his impossibly muscled forearm even as he grabbed the shaggy furs the warrior wore and jerked him forwards into a skull-shattering head-butt. The last warrior, rather than fleeing, flung himself at Gotrek. Gotrek’s blow was lazy, and he watched the two halves of the marauder fall with disinterest. He looked at Felix. ‘You walked right into that one, manling,’ he said. ‘If you get your head lopped off, who will record my doom?’

And, given the recent flurry of perfectly understandable questions regarding the book, I also put together this handy-dandy FAQ, for readers.

So…what are you waiting for?  Go buy that book.