Starburst Magazine is holding a contest, featuring a whole mess of Black Library books as the prize. All you have to do is answer a fairly simple question. To see what you can win, peek below the cut. 

The Black Library have generously given us a bumper pack of their recent releases to give away.

Starburst is giving away a box filled with books from the extremely well received Time of Legends series. The prize include’s Josh Reynold’s Neferata, C.L. Werner’s Dead Winter and Nick Kyme’s The Great Betrayal.

The prize also include Omnibus editions of Graham McNeil’s The Legend of SigmarMike Lee’s The Rise of Nagash and Gav Thorpe’s The Sundering. In addition, we’re giving away the Horus Heresy Audiobook, Prospero Burns, signed by Dan Abnett. and Ultramarines; The Second Omnibus signed by the author, Graham McNeil.

If that sounds like your sort of prize (and, having read 3/4 of that crop of books there, I can safely say that even if BL books aren’t your thing, you might want to think about entering…) just head over to the Starburst Magazine site and get entered today!