‘You Don’t Want to Be the Next Name I Write in My Book…’

I wrote some words as part of reviewer Abhinav Jain’s Names: A New Perspective series of authorial confabs. It’s mostly just me talking about how I come up with the names–well, some of the names–I use in my diverse and varied ficciones. 

With names, it’s all about the mojo. It’s all part of the hoodoo that writers do so well. That’s my thinking. You conjure the character with the name. Names define a character and give you an impression of who they are and what they’re about. A couple of syllables can do more to build an image in the reader’s mind than any number of pages of back-story...

To read the full post and find out what a shovel, a notebook and a church have to do with character names, head over to Abhinav’s site.  And be sure to check out the other NANP posts as well!


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