The new editions of the Gotrek & Felix omnibuses are now available from Black Library. I mention this because I happen to have stories in two of them.

My stories, “Blood Sport” and “The Cask of Wynters” are included in the first omnibus and the second, respectively, as well as a number of other short stories by Jordan Ellinger, CL Werner and David Guymer, as well as the requisite and all-important Bill King originals.

“Blood Sport”, which was released last year as an e-short, sees Gotrek and Felix visit a trading post where the locals use a captive hippogryph in vicious pit fights. The Slayer seizes a chance to find his doom and challenges the beast.

“The Cask of Wynters”, which was released last year as a part of Gotrek & Felix: The Anthology, sees Snorri Nosebiter, Slayer and all-purpose loon, join a bevy of drunken knights on a sortie to rescue a dwarfen brewery from orcs.