New Royal Occultist Story Available–“Owd Hob” at Monster Corral

The newest St. Cyprian and Gallowglass story, “Owd Hob”, which sees the duo matching wits with a vicious boggart in Suffolk in 1924, is now available to read for free at the Monster Corral site! 

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“He won’t have any arms at all when I’m done with him,” Gallowglass snapped. More crockery flew, and shards spattered over them as the boggart began to empty the cupboard with Maxim gun like regularity.

“I think he heard you,” St. Cyprian said, covering his head with his hands.

“I should bloody well hope so!” Gallowglass said. She tilted her head back and yelled, “You’re going to run out of crockery soon enough you little monster, and when you do it’s two in the noggin and a swift burial at the crossroads!”

“Please don’t threaten the whatever-it-is. He’s still got a cupboard full of tinned vegetables to throw,” St. Cyprian said.

“You just said it was a boggart!”

“It’s possible that it could be a brownie or a tommyknocker,” St. Cyprian snapped. “This isn’t an exact science, you know! It’s not like there’s a field-guide to fairies flittering about.”

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