Theoretical Unofficial Soundtrack (for a Novel I May Never Write)

One of the few writerly idiosyncrasies to afflict me is the need for a good soundtrack. When I sit down to start a new novel or short story or whatever, one of the first things I do is to put together a quick list of subject matter-appropriate songs. The list is usually never more than seven or eight songs that I then play in a repetitive loop until I despise the very sound of them.

Like I said, idiosyncratic.

They have to be the right songs, though. It doesn’t matter whether I particularly dig that style of music or not, if the song fits what I’m writing, into rotation it goes. Granted, most of the time the songs are coming straight from the disorganized morass of MP3s I like to call my music library, so it’s likely a safe bet that I have some fondness for ’em.

Just for the heck of it, I whipped up a Theoretical Unofficial Soundtrack for a Novel I May Never Write. If you’re curious, it’s a crime novel, set in my be-kudzu’d birthplace of South Carolina. Hence the preponderance of twang.

The songs aren’t in any particular order, and, like the title says, I may never use this particular UOST, but I thought I’d share it. If you enjoy the songs, I encourage you to drop some coin in the hat of the respective artist.