NEFERATA Review Round-Up

So, Neferata: Blood of Nagash, my contribution to Black Library’s ‘Time of Legends’ series has been out for a few months now and it’s garnered some fairly positive reviews from diverse and sundry folks.

From the Founding Fields:

As I said I did not expect to like Neferata, so I was surprised when I found that I did. Reynolds has made the Queen of the Lahmians an intelligent, witty and understandable villainess, and provides her with a strong supporting cast ranging from the petulant Ushoran to the devious Dwarf Razek Silverfoot to the ever-loyal handmaiden Naaima. The portrayal of the First Vampires was done very well, they felt suitably distinct from the human characters and you could really get a sense of how they view time, human civilisation and how each of them regards the Blood Kiss and the consequences thereof. I particularly enjoyed that even the Lahmians under Neferata were enjoyable, each a well-rounded character distinct from the rest that I found myself intrigued by.

From Fifty Shades of Geek:

I have to admit that I really enjoyed the Rise of Nagash trilogy, and the Vampires are one of my favourite races in the Warhammer universe, so when I heard that someone else was writing Neferata, I was a little worried, especially as I’d not read anything by Josh Reynolds before. However, very quickly I realised how wrong I was.

From The British Fantasy Society:

The story is well paced, and contains some amazing sections of dialogue that are at times heart stopping.

From Mass Movement Magazine:

Not only a superb Warhammer novel but also a vampire story that’s actually worth reading. Yes, that’s right, a vampire story worth reading, not had one of those in a LONG time have we!

From Starburst Magazine:

The frequent battle scenes are suitably gory. These aren’t the tame vampires of the Twilight generation, but rather the bloody horrors of myth. Visceral and explicit, the action never quite crosses the line of good taste, but does deliver the sort thrills that fans of fangy violence will enjoy.

From The Falcata Times:

The Queen of the Vampires comes into her own in this, her part of the Time of Legends Series that is not only wonderfully written but also delightfully complex as she plays a game of cat and mouse with the infamous Nagash. It’s full of horror, bloody combat and of course a whole section on her discoveries during the years when the Great Sorcerer slumbered.

But don’t take their word for it (or, better yet, do), why not check out the book for yourself? The book is available on Amazon and other various on-line retailers, or via Black Library.

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