Rattlesnake Reviews

The first issue of Black Treacle, which includes my story, “Rattlesnake Eyes”, was released last month, and has apparently made quite the impression, garnering several reviews, and all of them, I’m pleased to say, are good.

From ‘Blog from the Darkside’:

Rattlesnake Eyes is my favorite story. I enjoyed the dialogue and was hooked into the story right from the start:

“How dead is he?” John Bass said around a mouthful of sunflower seeds. “Is he sort of dead or real dead?”

“He ain’t dancing, if that’s what you’re asking,” Cestus Clay said.

Love it!

And from ‘The Lottery Party’:

Rattlesnake Eyes by Reynolds is a gruff spin on the Satanism of the American south, as an unlikable character refuses to stay dead. The lead is almost a hillbilly version of John Constantine, and the coolness with which the arcane is acknowledged and dealt with in the tale made for a fun read.

Why not go check out both of those reviews? And if you like what you read, why not check out the first issue of Black Treacle, which is available to read on the BT site or to download for free via Smashwords.