‘A Weird Ride…’

If you head over to the ALL PULP news site, you’ll see a press release concerning Mechanoid Press’ forthcoming follow-up to their popular Monster Earth anthology, Strange Trails. In the interests of blatant and shameless self-promotion, I thought I’d share it with you.

From the site:

STRANGE TRAILS will be the second anthology from the fledgling imprint, and this announcement follows close on the boot heels of publication of their popular collection of giant monster tales MONSTER EARTH, co-edited by Palmer and comics veteran Jim Beard.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the Weird Western,” says Palmer. “The subgenre encompasses everything from fantasy to science fiction, steampunk, and horror. It’s a fun mishmash of different styles and ideas.”

STRANGE TRAILS will include stories by familiar names in New Pulp and Weird Westerns, an all-star lineup sure to please new fans and aficionados alike. Writers for this book will be:

Tommy Hancock
Barry Reese
Joshua Reynolds
Joel M. Jenkins
Edward M. Erdelac

“I sought out people who were not only fantastic writers, but who have written Weird Westerns before,” says Palmer. “And I couldn’t be happier that they all said yes.”

Palmer is hoping for  a mid to late summer release. So saddle up, oil your raygun, and mind the zombies. It’s going to be a weird ride down some Strange Trails.

You’ll notice my name there, I trust. And I’m in good company, I have to say. So if you were wondering what I was going to be working on, over the next few weeks, well, there’s your answer. It might not be a Dwarf Slayer or a Royal Occultist, but it’ll be fun all the same, I think.