The Two Vs

Rachelle Gardner has recently written two very good posts concerning the where’s and how’s of making a living as a writer over at her site. The first concerns volume and the second, variety. The two Vs, in other words. 

I’ve been on fairly friendly terms with both, in the–what?–decade (oh God, it’s been a decade. Cripes, I’m old…) that I’ve been at this dodge. As you can see from this list, I have written quite a lot, and across multiple genres. It’s served me well, and I intend to continue the habit. Sure, I’ve written more in some genres than others, but, and here’s the important bit, I’ve tried them all.

I’m not a guy for authorial advice, normally. I leave that to the professionals. But I will say this…to learn what you’re good at (which isn’t, I hasten to add, always what you like), you have to try your hand at a lot of stuff.

So what are you waiting for?