DAN FOWLER, G-MAN Vol. 2 Cover Sneak-Peek

Airship 27 has revealed a look at the forthcoming anthology, Dan Fowler, G-Man Volume 2, which includes stories by myself, Derrick Ferguson, Aaron Smith and BC Bell.

While the front cover is still under tight-wraps, the publisher was kind enough to give us a look at the back cover:


From the blurb:

One of the greatest pulp heroes of old returns in four gun-blazing new adventures. Dan Fowler, ace investigator for the FBI, is back in action again. This time facing off against a quartet of deadly villains; from a hideous monkey-faced gang boss to avenging the murder of an undercover agent. Along the way, he’ll team up with a colourful assortment of allies from a sexy jewel thief to none other than Jim Anthony, the Super-Detective.

Doesn’t that sound great? Dan Fowler, G-Man Volume 2 will be out soon, but while you’re waiting, why not grab a copy of Volume 1 from Airship 27?