The Royal Occultist Comes to Bandcamp!

This has been in the works for a while now, but since there’s finally something to listen to there, I think I can safely share THIS. That, if you don’t feel like clicking the embedded link, is the Adventures of the Royal Occultist Bandcamp page! 

The first story that’s gotten the audio treatment is “Owd Hob”, which finds Charles St. Cyprian (Richard Gough-Thomas), the Royal Occultist, and Ebe Gallowglass (Ruth Narramore) matching wits with a vicious boggart in Suffolk in 1924. It was published earlier this year, in the February issue Monster Corral.

The plan, such as it is, is to provide audio versions for most, if not all, of the stories currently available, as well as branching out into a few audio-only productions. Basically, if you’d like to read the Royal Occultist stories, but haven’t had time, or aren’t capable of doing so currently, well, here’s the perfect opportunity.

At the moment, the first instalment, “Owd Hob”, is set at ‘name your price’ for the cost of the download. That means you can pay a buck, five bucks, or zero bucks. If you’d like to donate something to help fund further refinements of the audio translation process (i.e. helping us get some sound effects in there), or simply to show your appreciation for the effort Rich and Ruth put in, please feel free to do so. And if you want to download it for free, well, you can do that as well.

To say that I’m excited about this is an understatement.  I’ve been wanting to produce audio versions of these stories since I wrote “Krampusnacht” back in 2010, and when Rich allowed as he’d like to give it a try, I jumped at the opportunity. I hope you enjoy the first of what I hope will be many audio-adventures for the Royal Occultist!