Two New Royal Occultist Stories Coming Soon

I’m pleased to announce that two more stories set in the Royal Occultist universe–”The Maida Vale Mummy” and “Hochmuller’s Hound”–are set to appear later this year from Artifice Comics and Emby Press, respectively. 

“The Maida Vale Mummy”, in which St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront some decidedly risible Roman remains in a Maida Vale wine-cellar in 1920, will appear in Bento Box 11 from Artifice Comics. For more on Bento Box 11, the other contributors, and Artifice Comics, check out their site.

“Hochmuller’s Hound”, in which Royal Occultist Thomas Carnacki and his assistant, Charles St. Cyprian battle the monstrous Hound of Mons in 1914, will appear in Monster Hunter: Blood Trails from Emby Press. For more on the anthology, or Emby Press, check out their site.

Excerpts from both stories are forthcoming at the Royal Occultist site. While you’re waiting, why not check out said site, the Royal Occultist Facebook and Bandcamp pages, and participate in this poll?

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