USE ENOUGH GUN Now Available

Use Enough Gun, Emby Press’ follow-up to the hugely popular anthologies, Leather, Denim & Silver and The Trigger Reflex, is now available (at least in Kindle format)From the blurb:

A lonely wind blows over an unmarked grave… A hunter died here, alone, chewed up and still holding a broken blade. No one will ever come here to pay their respects, nor to silently mouth the words ‘thank you’. But the monster paid the price for the hunter’s death, and for that night at least, it sure as hell did not feed upon the innocent. 

Behold Use Enough Gun, a collection of monster-hunting tales that explore what happens when hunters don’t make it home, when they become the very thing that they are sworn to hunt, or when they lose loved ones they are sworn to protect. Bloody and stark with pain, Use Enough Gun is about what happens when the hunt goes wrong. 

Third in the popular Legends of the Monster Hunter series, Use Enough Gun explores some of the darkest tales yet.

As with the previous two volumes, there’s a new Royal Occultist story to be had. In this case, it’s “In the Dark and Quiet”, in which Charles St. Cyprian and Ebe Gallowglass confront a monstrous not-a-ghost beneath the Bank of England.

And if you enjoy “In the Dark and Quiet”, why not check out the rest of the series, as well as the Royal Occultist Facebook and Bandcamp pages, and perhaps even participate in this poll?