STRANGE TRAILS TOC and Cover Revealed

James Palmer, editor of Mechanoid Presshas revealed the cover as well as the table of contents for the forthcoming weird western anthology, Strange Trails. To take a look at the latter, as well as James Burns’ fantastic cover, head over to James Palmer’s site

My contribution, “Mr. Brass and the Master of Serpents”, sees the American Automaton join forces with US Marshal Bass Reeves and the South Carolina mystic, Harley Warren, in an attempt to stymie the sinister machinations of the eponymous Master of Serpents, Juan Romero.

I’m quite excited about this one, if I’m being honest. Writing it, I got to indulge my love of lucha libre films, Lovecraftiana, and steampunk. For something similar, check out “Mr. Brass and the Seven Plagues of the Devil”, which is an homage to the Shaw Brothers, Hammer Studios and Sax Rohmer, and is soon to be reprinted in Psychopunk, from Artifice Comics.

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