Recent Sales-“Mordiggian’s Due” and “The Roaring Ship”

I’m happy to report that even though I’m eyeballs deep in the edits for one book and the writing of another, I’ve still managed to find the time to fast-talk my way into a pair of forthcoming anthologies. If that sort of thing is of interest to you, by all means read on. 

“Mordiggian’s Due”, a story of the Dreamlands, involving ghouls, mummified wrestlers and thieving necromancers, will appear in Libram Mysterium from Pulp Mill Press. This was a fun story to write–I’ve played with plenty of Lovecraft’s toys, but I’ve never set foot in the Dreamlands. I’ve also never written a story with ghouls as protagonists, which is surprising, considering my love of all things ghoulish.

“The Roaring Ship”, a Royal Occultist story which sees St. Cyprian and Gallowglass go up against a ghostly Zeppelin, crewed by the dead and damned, will appear in a volume of Raus! Untoten! from Fringeworks Press. This also marks the fourth Royal Occultist story sold this year. Two years ago, I set myself an unofficial goal of selling between four and six new Royal Occultist stories a year, just to see if I could. As of 2011, I’ve sold TWENTY.

That’s pretty swell, however you slice it.

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