Recent Sale-“Seven Heart Beats”

Sometimes, good news comes in threes. Hot on the heels of last week’s duo of short story sales, a third has been accepted for publication, and this time its NOT a Royal Occultist story. Because I can write something other than Royal Occultist stories. Like Ghost-breaker stories, for instance. 

“Seven Heart Beats”, the newest John Bass, Ghost-breaker story, will appear in Strange Critters: Unusual Creatures of Appalachia from Woodland Press. This was an interesting one to put together. For the Bass stories, I’ve always had an unstated rule: Nothing But Ghosts. After all, what sort of ghost-breaker fights vampires? But sometimes you just got to break a rule for a good cause, i.e. money. So this time out, Bass faces off with something a bit different–a monstrous spirit out of Cherokee lore.  I was quite pleased with the way the story turned out. It’s a bit of a sequel to “Rattlesnake Eyes”, in that it features the same (unlucky) family and Appalachian setting, and while you don’t have to read the one to enjoy the other, I encourage you to do so.

And while we’re on the subject of Woodland Press, this’ll make the third time that Bass has appeared in one of the publisher’s anthologies (“Prodigal Spirits” in Stories from the Hearth: Heartwarming Tales of Appalachia and “Glory Hand” in Mountain Magic: Spellbinding Tales of Appalachia), and the fifth time they’ve published a story of mine. That’s sort of cool, don’t you think? Why not grab the latest of those, Hills of Fire: Bare-Knuckle Yarns of Appalachiaand read a selection of fine pulse-pounders?

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