There’s a new review of the recently-released second volume of The Best of Hammer & Bolter over at a site called Conclave of Har. They seemed to enjoy my quartet of contributions, which is always nice to see. 

From the review:

One of the highlights in this book for me were Josh Reynoldses Marienburg set Warhammer tales. He’s got his settings down, has created well rounded characters and writes compelling action that flows smoothly. It may seem a little fantastical at times but I found it entertaining in a very old school way and enjoyed them immensely. Be it opening tale ‘Dead Calm’, the Fimir laden ‘Lords of the Marsh’ or the absolutely hilarious comedic irreverence of ‘Dead Mans Party’, (probably my top pick of his offerings). I greatly look forward to further exploits of Dubnitz and Goodweather.

I encourage you to check out the full review. And if perks your interest, why not grab a copy of this gi-normous anthology for yourself? Seriously, after you read it you can use it as a doorstop, or for a speed-bump, or to kill rats. That’s what I use mine for!