New Story–“The Vociferous Kai”

So, I wrote a little thing for Talk Wargaming called “The Vociferous Kai”. It’s my first run at non-Black Library related sword and sorcery, other than “Mordiggian’s Due”, in quite a while.

“The Vociferous Kai” is a weird little story, about rival religions, murderous bravos and a demonic parrot. It’s also fairly short, so you can read it pretty quickly.  The protagonists, Vetch and Vash, have appeared before, and more than once. They’ve popped up in a number of stories I’ve written and two that were published (“The Doom of Wolves” and “The Singer in Darkness”, if you were wondering), but they’re different every time, bar the basics of their personalities.

Essentially, if I want to write a sword and sorcery story, but I don’t have a specific idea, I just retrieve Vetch (or Svetch) and Vash out of my bag of tricks, dust them off and see what they’ve been up to. They’re pretty enjoyable to write and, I hope, pretty enjoyable to read.

If you enjoy the story, be sure to share it via the social media outlet of your choice, or leave a comment. And if you’d like to see more of Vetch and Vash, be sure to let the good folks of Talk Wargaming know.

3 thoughts on “New Story–“The Vociferous Kai”

  1. I quite enjoyed this Vetch and Vash story. This is the sort of stuff that Weird Tales should be publishing. Ah well, Weird Tales loss is Talk Wargaming’s gain.

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