PSYCHOPUNK Now Available

Artifice Comics’ newest anthology, Psychopunk, is now available. The book includes two (count ’em, two) stories by me–“Mr. Brass and the Seven Plagues of the Devil” and “The Adventure of the Albigensian Agent”. Both steampunk, but both very different, if you were concerned. 

From the blurb:

Psychopunk is a short anthology focusing primarily on the postmodern *punk genres that emerged following the popularity of William Gibson and other authors in the 1980s and 1990s; a gathering of themes and tales that have blossomed within the distinct genres in evidence since the publication of Gibson’s Neuromancer and Otomo’s Akira – cyberpunk, steampunk, sandalpunk, dieselpunk etc. – a multide of settings to explore the human condition.

Featuring stories by acclaimed authors Mark Bousquet and Josh Reynolds, Psychopomp regular contributors Lisa Knight and Martin David Edwards, Australian Horror Writers’ Association community leader, Cameron Trost, as well as icons of the old shared universe scene Alex Cook, Jericho Vilar, Jason S. Kenney, C.S. Roberts and H.H. Neville, and with a pedigree born of photocopied fanzines, Psychopunk is a collection for the fading summer and the waning warmth of Western civilisation.

“Mr. Brass and the Seven Plagues of the Devil” is a reprint. The story sees Mr. Brass, the American Automaton, and Professor Van Helsing battle seven deadly vampires in the wake of the San Francisco Earthquake.  And “The Adventure of the Albigensian Agent” finds the Countess Francesca Felluci fighting clockwork Cathars and feline French agents in order to escort an English spy to safety.

The anthology is available for the Kindle on Amazon and its various international affiliates.