“Cadre” Now Available

“Cadre” is a little something I wrote for Black Library’s ongoing celebration of all things power-armoured and genetically augmented in the lead up to this year’s Games Day, and it’s now available for download, via the Black Library site

From the blurb:

Manse Jah-Hlley of the Mentors Chapter is alone on a hostile world, his battle-brothers spread far and wide across the planet. But he is far from helpless… A cadre of human survivors, fighting for the fate of their world, aid him in his duty as he teaches them the way of the Space Marines and the importance of brotherhood.

The story is only a thousand words or so, but I’m quite proud of it, not least of which because it’s the first time I’ve been allowed to play in the 40K side of the Warhammer sandbox. I was also able to slip in a great Rogue Trader-era joke name, as a nod to some of the bloodier bits of South Cackalackee history.

At any rate, I hope you’ll download it, and I hope you’ll consider downloading the other ‘Angels of Death’ stories as well, by such luminaries of the grimdark pen as Sarah Cawkwell, David Annandale, Guy Haley, Chris Wraight and more!

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