Ride the Strange Trail

James Palmer, editor of the Strange Trails anthology, was interviewed on the Book Cave this week, and he said some nice things about my contribution to the anthology, “Mr. Brass and the Master of Serpents”. You should really go listen to that, and maybe even grab a copy of the anthology in question

From the blurb:

Strange tales from the Weird West A mechanical Pinkerton man…a comely ghost…a lady knight errant in search of adventure…a mummy on the loose aboard a speeding train…these are just a few of the colorful characters you’ll meet in Strange Trails. Come with us now on a ride through a West that never was, where dangerous gunslingers encounter steam-powered robots, and Native Americans do battle with Lovecraftian entities.

I’ve mentioned the anthology before, but I figured I might as well remind you that it’s out, and point out that you can now buy a print version, if you’re lacking in the Kindle department. Go check out the interview, and then, if you like what you heard, maybe go grab a copy of the book.