Bride of WIP at the Weekend

It’s that time again folks–time to waste a few minutes filling you in on what I’m working on at the moment. So if you’re not in the least curious what that might be, feel free not to peek below the cut…

Besides a handful of novel pitches making the rounds, I have about 20 or so short fiction submissions occupying the slush piles of various anthologies at the moment. I’ve made close to fifty submissions this year to date, with about a third of those being reprints. My acceptance Vs. rejection rate has gotten better, but whether that’s due to improvement in the product, or improvement in choosing markets to submit to I can’t say. Probably both. Maybe neither. It may all be luck for all I know.

At any rate, at the moment I’m working on my third annual contribution to the Pulpwork Press Christmas Special. As with the previous two, it’s a Royal Occultist adventure, but unlike them, it’s got vampires in it. Well, vampire. It’s a story full of holiday cheer and blood-drained bodies stuffed in airing cupboards and dumbwaiters.

After that, I’ll be starting on the follow up to The New Adventures of Jim Anthony, Super Detective: Death’s Head Cloud for Pro Se Press. The tentative title is Red Shambhala, and it’ll see the Super Detective dealing with a lost train carrying the wealth of a vanished empire, a murderous aristocrat and trained attack-eagles.

Once that’s done and off to Pro Se’s merry band of editors, I’ll be starting on a project I can’t yet talk about. What I can say about it is that it’s a work-for-hire project, and that it’s one which I was honored to be offered. The subject matter is near and dear to my heart, and, I suspect, a lot of other people’s as well, and I’ll be interested to see how it’s received.

Following the completion of that, it’s back to Jazz Age London to begin work on what will hopefully be the first Royal Occultist collection. Besides editing three previously published stories (“Sign of the Salamander”, “The Jagtooth Lane Horror”, and “The Unwrapping Party”) I’ll be writing two new stories to round out the book.

At some point in the next three months I need to start on the follow up to The Whitechapel Demonwhich is tentatively titled Death in Jade, and will find St. Cyprian and Gallowglass matching wits with an immortal sorcerer in a struggle that takes them from Kensington to Limehouse to Hong Kong.  I also need to pitch the last book in the ‘Blood of Nagash’ trilogy to my editors at Black Library.

And that’s the skinny on what I’m up to at the moment. How about you?