TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN (Vol. 10) TOC and Cover Sneak-Peek

The table of contents and the cover art for the tenth volume of Tales of the Shadowmen, ‘Esprit de Corps’, has been announced on the Black Coat Press site. Among the former is “The Swine of Gerasene”, a story by me, which sees William Hope Hodgson’s Carnacki the Ghost-Finder team-up with Algernon Blackwood’s John Silence and Norbert Sevestre’s Sar Dubnotal in order to combat the machinations of the sinister Brotherhood of Gerasene. From the site:

Rocambole is here, facing the schemes of Captain Nemo. Arsène Lupin conspires to steal the Maltese Falcon from the clutches of Doc Savage! Rouletabille untangles the wiles of that master thief, the Cat! And there are also vampires and monsters, ghouls and zombies, as well as the familiar figures of Sâr Dubnotal, Doctor Omega, D’Artagnan, Phileas Fogg, and the villainous Black Coats!

The feelings of loyalty, enthusiasm and devotion–in other words, esprit de corps–that we feel towards those cherished figures is as undiminished today as it was when we were in our teens. They are more than fictional characters; some are our companions, our reflections, who have followed us all our lives!

For those keeping track, this’ll make my third appearance in Tales of the Shadowmen, and I hope to make many more. While my first two contributions (“The Carolingian Stone” in V.8 and “Nestor Burma Goes West” in V.9) featured Jim Anthony, the Super-Detective, I decided to give some other characters a try this time. The story sees Carnacki and co. match wits with a cult of pig-worshipers, foul swine-things, and the irredeemable Count Magnus in a certain ruin in Ireland.

The anthology should be available sometime later this year or early 2014.

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