Better Late Than Never

I didn’t see this until too late, but there’s an exclusive excerpt from my contribution to the Kaiju Rising! anthology, “Dead Men’s Bones”, available over at the ‘Only the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy’ blog

From the excerpt:

Despite the distance, and the lead the monster had on them, they caught up with it far too quickly for St. Cyprian’s liking. He pushed the car’s engine to its limit, until smoke was boiling out from under it, and his body was numb from the shaking. The car was racing parallel to the beast as it smashed aside trees and ruins both old and new in its stumbling scramble towards Vyones. Yellow smoke clung to it, oozing from its pores and even from a safe distance, the thought of it made St. Cyprian itch for a gas mask. 

It’s not a long excerpt, but it is one of the more exciting bits in the story, involving an armored car, a corpse-giant, a Royal Occultist and a Ghost-Breaker.