Free Halloween Story-“The d’Erlette Configuration”

It’s Halloween, and to celebrate the spookiest day of the year, I wrote a little something I like to call…”The d’Erlette Configuration”. Even better, I’m giving it away free! 

An excerpt:

St. Cyprian studied the box with the air of a billiards player lining up a shot. “I did warn you about playing with this grisly little device,” he said.

“I couldn’t help it,” Wendy-Smythe moaned. “It called to me, whispered sweet nothings about the hidden knowledge that would be revealed unto me should I but solve a child’s puzzle. I just wanted to know—to see!”

“I hate to point this out, old thing, but this is really just the powdered werewolf teeth all over again, ain’t it?” St. Cyprian gave Wendy-Smythe a stern look. “And that dratted business with those canopic jars two months ago—you remember that?”

“Yes,” Wendy-Smythe said weakly.

“Do you? Because I don’t think you do. A man who remembered unleashing a phantom clowder of angry Egyptian cat spirits might not be so eager to play with an obviously demonic puzzle-box.”

“I did write a dashed swell letter of apology about the cat-thing,” Wendy-Smythe muttered. “And those werewolf teeth weren’t real anyway.”

St. Cyprian patted the other man on the shoulder and turned back to the box. The hum had grown louder and more piercing. It sounded as if there were a nest of hornets trapped in the box. The light which emanated from the box had grown stronger, shrouding the room with a sickly haze, and strange shadows squirmed just out of his eye-line.

“What’s in it, Charles? What have I awoken?” Wendy-Smythe whispered…

You might have noticed that it’s a Royal Occultist story, because why not? It’s also an homage to several of my favourite horror stories, including the one about a certain puzzle box full of other-dimensional sadists.

Download “The d’Erlette Configuration” HERE.

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