New Story-“Remorseless”

The aforementioned story actually came out yesterday, but, well, I had stuff going on. Anyway, “Remorseless” is my second foray into the 40K side of things over at Black Library, the first being “Cadre”. Will I write more? Time will tell. 

Have a blurb:

After a gruelling siege, the Iron Warriors scent victory over their eternal enemies the Imperial Fists. Alongside their grand battalions is a host of Traitor Guardsmen – Skaranx is unique amongst their number, a killer of Angels. As he stalks his singular prey, he encounters Space Marines the likes of which he has never seen before. Remorseless, these warriors are beyond life and death. They are damned and so, he realises chillingly, is he…

I’m pretty proud of “Remorseless”, all said and done. I got pretty fond of Skaranx in our limited time together, and I wouldn’t mind exploring the nasty, back-alley vivisectionist world of the Gland-Hounds a bit more. How many of Skaranx’s comrades are left? What are they up to now? And, perhaps most importantly, what was their intended purpose? That said, it’s not likely to happen any time soon. I was squeaking on the sharp-edge of IP there, I think, and the editors were probably feeling generous, otherwise they might not have let me get away with it.

Such are the perils of tie-in writing. 

Anyway, why not pick up “Remorseless”? Or, better yet, why not grab the collected edition, featuring stories by CZ Dunn, David Annandale, Nick Kyme, LJ Goulding, and Graeme Lyon, as well as myself?

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