New Reviews-“Remorseless” and “Cadre”

My first two forays into the wide, wonderful world of Warhammer 40K fiction, “Remorseless” and “Cadre”, have been reviewed over at Talk Wargaming. You might recall that I’ve mentioned the site before, when they published my story, “The Vociferous Kai”, earlier this year

From the review of “Remorseless”:

Reynolds is very good at making his stories feel elaborate and larger than they actually are, the background of this story really sucks you in and I wanted to know more about the battle and the idea of Gene Hounds. 

From the review of “Cadre”:

After reading this story I dearly hope that Josh Reynolds chooses to write more about the Mentors chapter, they deserve it.

The review of “Remorseless” can be found here, and the review of “Cadre” can be found here. If you feel the need to see what all of the fuss is about, you can purchase both stories direct from Black Library: “Remorseless” can be purchased here, and “Cadre” can be purchased here.