The last day of the year, bar one, sees the release of not one, but TWO, short stories by me over at Blacklibrary.com. Ghoul-King is a novella length story split into two handy-dandy bite-size chunklets for ease of digestion: “Conqueror of Worms” and “Empire of Maggots”. The novella is a side-story to my novel, Master of Death, which came out a few weeks ago as you may or may not recall. Links and blurbs below.

“Conqueror of Worms” blurb:

Vorag Bloodytooth, Strigoi vampire prince, moves upon Cripple Peak, intent upon uniting the ghoul tribes who labour under the shadow of Nagashizzar and carving out an empire for himself to stand against his warring fellow vampires. Accompanied by his closest allies, Vorag descends into the caverns of the ghouls and challenges their leader to combat. The victor will claim the title of Ghoul King and rule a realm of monsters. The loser will find only death.

The story is available as an electronic download from blacklibrary.com.

“Empire of Maggots” blurb:

Now undisputed ruler of the ghoul tribes of the Plain of Bones, Vorag Bloodytooth has enslaved greenskin tribes to build a fortress worthy of his stature. As his slaves revolt against his cruelty and envoys from his fellow vampires arrive seeking his aid in their petty squabbles, Vorag’s plan to resurrect his long-lost love comes to fruition – if he can escape from the deadly trap he is driven into by the rebellious goblin slaves. The fate of his empire hangs in the balance…

The story is available as an electronic download from blacklibrary.com.

Both stories follow a select few side-characters from the second volume in the ‘Blood of Nagash’ trilogy, Master of Deathand run parallel to the main story, albeit at a remove of several hundred miles and a mountain range away. Too, if you were a fan of certain characters from the previous novel, Neferata, here’s your chance to see them in action again!

Sort of.

At any rate, why not buy some stories or some books before the year’s end and goose my royalty statement a bit, hmm? If you’ve already done so, why not leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you happen to do such things? And if you’ve done both, well, you have my thanks.

8 thoughts on “RISE OF THE GHOUL-KING

  1. Read both already, great fun, love Vorag…a monster but one with enough of the man he was left within to feel sympathy for him and his journey to be reunited with his lost love. Josh, got a nerd question for you, me being the nerd, I noticed in the Blood of Nagash books you made W’soran, Abhorash, Ushoran et. al. blood children of Neferata, as opposed to Mike Lee’s elixir/sphinx venom/ritual creation. I like your version better, as it make more sense to me…Lee’s Neferata only became a vampire after drinking the elixir mixed with the sphinx venom then drinking Arkhan’s blood during a ritual. Such a repetition of events would pretty much be impossible to recreate for the other vamps, especially with Arkhan being killed (temporarily) by Abhorash. I did notice in the “Master of Mourkain” short that Ushoran refers to the “poisoned chalice” in regard to his creation, but in light of pages 35 and 36 in Master of Death, as well as W’soran and Abhorash being revealed to be blood children of Neferata, I’m guessing the chalice contained Neferata’s blood?

    • Glad you enjoyed them, Scott! And the ‘poisoned chalice’ is actually a reference to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalice#Poisoned_chalice

      Basically, it’s Ushoran expressing buyer’s remorse and me showing off that I read Macbeth. But, there probably was an actual chalice involved in the process as I can’t imagine the others trusting Neferata near their throats, so I’m going to just say, ‘yes, you are correct’.

      • That’s what I get for being too literal. Good to be correct though! Hah thanks Josh. One last question and I will stop bugging you, will a book centering on Abhorash be the third in the Blood of Nagash series? Thanks again.

      • You’re not bugging me, man. Feel free to ask any and all questions you might have, when you have ’em. That’s why I got comments enabled on these posts.

        And yep, Abhorash will be the focus of the third and final book in the BoN series. As it stands right now, it’ll follow him from the Fall of Mourkain to him slaying the dragon in the World’s Edge Mountains, and tie up some loose ends from the other two books in the series.

  2. I gotta say, I’ve never loved and hated every single character in a series as much as I have in the Blood of Nagash series!! W’soran… what an evil bastard! But I still felt bad for him, he was so paranoid and scared of everything. I’ve read them all up to the Ghoul King. Fantastic books man, keep up the good work!! Can’t wait for Abhorash’s story. I’m assuming he moves to New York and opens a hair salon? 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed ’em. And ha! That’d be great, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, Black Library have decided to indefinitely postpone the third book and further stories. So, for the foreseeable future, there’ll be no more entries in the Blood of Nagash series.

      • What?? That sucks! BoN is such a cracker of a series!! I found The Rise of Nagash series actually a little hard to read, sometimes it felt like a chore, but you really got it going again!!

        That’s really unfortunate man, I hope they pull their thumbs out and let you get back at it! I’ve been reading Black Library stuff for the last few years, it’s a handy way to discover authors, and you my friend have officially jumped to the top of my list. I’ll just have to pick up all your other work until they let you unleash Abhorash’s story!! (The Whitechapel Demon looks good)

        I’ll keep track on twitter!

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