2013 was a busy year. From the get-go, I’ve been working on one project or another. My last day off was in December of 2012, which means that my mental gears are grinding metal at this point. I have worked on one project or another every day for the past three hundred and sixty five days. For the record, I do not recommend this. Between the stress headaches and the lack of sleep, most of 2013 has passed in a blur. Nonetheless, I’d say that I’ve managed to accomplish a good deal in spite of myself. 


I had four books–Gotrek & Felix: Road of Skulls, Master of Death, The Whitechapel Demon and Death’s Head Cloud–come out this year, and I wrote five. There’s some overlap in those numbers, but not much. All in all, I banged out over 500,000 words of book this year, and probably aggravated the looming spectre of arthritis that clings to my joints even now. I will likely be duplicating this feat in 2014, if the four contracts sitting in my inbox right now are any indication.


I had twenty short stories see the light of day this year, and I sold twenty-four. Again, some overlap there, but not as much as you’d think. Of the ones sold this year, a third of them were reprints, which is a new experience for me. I will be cutting my short story output for 2014, if possible, I think, if only to give my brain and hands a much-needed break.


I had an audio album, featuring characters I created, released into the wild. I wrote a few more ‘Nightmare Men’ essays for Black Gate Magazine, though not so many as I hoped. I did a few interviews, got some nice reviews, and got to work on a few things that I can’t talk about yet.

In summation, not a bad year, all things considered. Roll on 2014.