Hey, guess what?  I wrote an audio drama for And it’s now available as an MP3 download. It’s called “Master of the Hunt” and sees Kor’sarro Khan, Hunt-Master of the White Scars Space Marines, going up against the perfidious potentate of pulsing engines known only as…DOOMRIDER.


A Great Hunt has been called, and Kor’sarro Khan, Master of the Hunt, gathers the White Scars for war. They shall track their prey across the galaxy, never resting until his head is taken to be displayed in the Chapter’s fortress-monastery on distant Chogoris. But this prey will be a challenge, for he is as fast and as cunning as the sons of Jaghatai, and as deadly a foe as the khan has ever faced. For on this Great Hunt, the White Scars seek the daemon prince known only as Doomrider…

That sounds pretty great, right?

I mean, I guess it’s great. I haven’t heard it yet. And it was my first stab at script-writing, so I’m a bit nervous as to how it all came out, frankly. Interestingly (for those who find such insights interesting) it was my first time writing Space Marines or Warhammer 40K. Sure, “Cadre” and “Remorseless” came out last year, but this is the thing that convinced the high editors of Terra that it might possibly be okay to let me, maybe, write some other stuff that didn’t involve elves, dwarfs or vampires.

Another fun fact…the original title was just the approximation of a guitar solo, written in 18 pt type, in all caps, for a page. They…unh…they thought I was joking and changed it accordingly.

Anyway, why not go download that and see what you think?

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