The good folks over at the Fifty Shades of Geek have reviewed the newest entry in the Blood of Nagash series, Master of Death, and they seem to have enjoyed it, which is always nice. 

From the review:

I’ve really enjoyed the way Josh has matched Mike Lee’s style, keeping the conflicts between characters alive but making them his own by exploring these conflicts in more detail and bringing different personality traits to the fore.  This was a highly enjoyable book, and a great follow up to Neferata.

Master of Death is the sequel to Neferata, and follows a number of the characters from that novel into the ever-shifting tides of loyalty and betrayal that surround the schemes and stratagems of W’soran of Mahrak, as he endeavors to conquer the mountain kingdom of Strigos and make himself the eponymous ‘master of death.’

I encourage you to head over to the site and read the review, as well as the one they gave the first book in the series. And then, if what you’ve read interests you, maybe you’ll think about nabbing your own copy from or the retailer of your choice.