A new Knights of Manann short story is now available for download from Black Library, as part of ‘Warhammer Week‘. “Bernheimer’s Gun” sees Erkhart Dubnitz and his comrades in the Order of Manann face their most dangerous foe yet–the Empire. 


From the site:

When the Imperial engineer Mikal Bernheimer flees to the free city of Marienburg, it falls to Erkhart Dubnitz and the Knights of Manann to protect the exile while the great and good wage diplomatic war over the matter. Not too onerous a task, so it seems, but with enemies on all sides and intrigue around every corner, Dubnitz and his men are guaranteed a good fight as well…

In a lot of ways, this story acts as a coda for the ‘Knights of Manann’ series. For various reasons, it’ll probably be the last one, but I think it’s a fitting capper to the series and for the characters. “Bernheimer’s Gun” is available for downoad from

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