Two new reviews of The Whitechapel Demon have popped up–one by Sean P. Robson and the other by James Fadeley. Both reviews were excellent, and both are well worth reading.

From Sean P. Robson’s site:

The Whitechapel Demon fires on all cylinders and has everything that I love in a story: mad cultists, sinister demons, compelling characters, and frequent dashes of humour. Clumsy and heavy-handed exposition is one of my pet-peeves, but you will find none of that here. Josh deftly balances setting and pace, firmly grounding the novel in 1920 London while carrying us from scene to scene maintaining dramatic tension along the way.

From James Fadeley’s site:

The book is a treat for anyone who loves Sherlock Holmes, the occult, the X-Files or perhaps Constantine. Or better yet, any and all of these blended into one.

Both reviews are worth checking out. And if you like what you read, why not pick up a copy of The Whitechapel Demon for yourself? It’s available on, as well as all international subsidiaries, in both print and electronic format. It’s also available from Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. For a free PDF preview of the the first three chapters, click HERE.

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